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What if you could bring Napoleon Hill (Think and Grow Rich) onto your podcast in 2020?

Corey Poirier has been called The Modern Day Napoleon Hill many times in the media based on his interviews with more than 6,000 top influencers.

Introduction to Corey

Watch time: Approximately 2 minutes

Jack Canfield (Chicken Soup For the Soul)
Bob Proctor (The Secret)
Legendary Motivational Speaker Les Brown

Sample Topics that Corey can speak about on your show include


The Power of No

The Secret Beyond The Secret


Creating Your Purpose Statement

The common Secrets of the World’s Most influential Speakers

The Power of Leverage


The Non-Talent Factor

The Better Life Formula

The Founding of bLU Talks

And Much More

Kate Hudson (Actress)
Cheech and Chong
Henry The Fonz Winkler
Kevin Sussman (Big Bang Theory)
Guy Kawaski
Grammy Winning Producer Demo Casanova
James Redfield (The Celestine Prophecy)
Serena Dyer (co-author of Don’t Die With Your Music Inside You with Wayne Dyer)
JJ Virgin
Lisa Nichols (The Secret)
Jake The Snake Roberts
John Gray (Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus)

The Book of Why (And How)

#1 Barnes and Noble, Kobo, and Amazon Bestseller and # 7 Apple Books bestseller

“Success can be elusive, but it can be found, and it’s easier when you know the secrets. This book is a gateway to many of those secrets.”


John Gray, New York Times best-selling author of
Men are from Mars, Women Are from Venus

“Corey has discovered a new vitamin that may just be the most important one yet because of how it feeds your mind. Its Vitamin P – for purpose, and in the Book of WHY(and HOW), Corey will help you get it so you can optimize your mind and create abundance in your lives.”


JJ Virgin, CNS, CHFS
Celebrity Nutrition & Fitness Expert
4xNYT Bestselling Author including
The Virgin Diet & The Sugar Impact Diet

TEDx Talks

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Magazine Covers

Magazine Covers

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